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get to know maestros danza repertoires 

Spanish Dance is a wonderfully diverse. From the classical style with elegant lines, to the balletic, and from orchestrated music to strings, you can experience the wealth of the Spanish heritage today, right here with us.

1. Each live online class term is 12 - 14 weeks.
2. You can join our next classes. Or you can contact us to organise private classes for individuals and groups.

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b. Class recordings are available for the ongoing term, so if you miss a class or two, you can refer to them.  


Classical Spanish Dance with castanets. 

Higher Beginners - Lower Intermediate

The Dance
This is a graceful, elegant dance set to the music of Albeñiz. Imagine and flow with the waves of seaside town Cádiz in Andalusia. Perform it to orchestrated recordings or live time with instruments such as the piano and also the harp!  

Now you can also get recordings of ALL classes, edited to focus on Paloma's teachings and the choreography. Check out our online shop.


Classical Spanish Dance with Fan

Higher Beginners - Lower Intermediate

The Dance
An attractive, visual dance choreographed to the magical and well-known music of Manuel de Falla. Sensuous, fluid and dynamic. Get to know how to dance with the fan too.

El Vito (AUGUST 2023 TERM)

Escuela Bolera with castanets

Higher Beginners.
Suitable for ballet dancers too.

The Dance
A heritage of Spanish Dance choreography, this is a balletic form danced in soft shoes and with castanets. It's a great way of feeling the difference styles as well as understand how to work your body & lines.

WHO ARE our repertoire classes FOR?


Repertoire classes are suitable for students learning to build dance experience through learning a choreography.

These classes are also suitable for students looking to build their performance repertoire, either independently, with their teacher and community.


Are you already a teacher starting out independently?

Repertoire courses provide you with the choreographies to train your students towards performance.

All repertoires guide you to understand the details of the Spanish character, technique and expressiveness, so that you can confidently transmit to your students.

You have to undergo a Teacher Training Course and be authorised to use our material.

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Are you an academy looking to offer dance training and expose your students to diverse forms?

Repertoire classes can offer you this. Live or in-person directly with Paloma.

Or over time, training your teachers in this form, so that your academy can provide continuity for your students.

Academies and teachers have to be authorised to use our material.

Please sign up to express your interest and we will get back to you to personalise the programme.


Paloma Gómez

Maestra, Choreographer, Dance Artist 

Paloma Gómez guides you from her city, Madrid. A former dancer from Spain's Ballet Nacional, Paloma is also a great choreographer and maestra experienced in ballet and the holistic Spanish Dance genres of flamenco, Classical Spanish, Escuela Bolera and Folk. She teaches in Madrid as well as internationally.

Tania Goh

Producer, Digital Creator, Dancer

Producer of the MAESTROS Danza Española and MAESTROS Flamenco courses, festivals & international tours. I fell in love with Spain, its dance and culture. I've learnt from inspiring, experienced and generous maestros. I'd love to share and make accessible their incredible teachings.