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Take your first steps to danza española, Spanish dance, accompanied by topnotch maestros from Spain. Best of all, learn anytime, anywhere, at your pace!  

Get a feel of Spanish Dance!


Spanish Dance Foundation 1 (with Castanets)

If you want to build a good foundation for your dance and castanets, then check out this course. Suitable for flamenco dancers and Spanish Dance students.

Spanish Dance Foundation 1 (without Castanets)

This course is the same as Spanish Dance Foundation 1, however, it excludes castanets. Suitable for newcomers to dance wanting to build a dance foundation as well as ballerinas wanting to get to know the Spanish Dance style.


Strengthen your dance with our structured curriculum. With BEGINNER FOUNDATION 1, Choose to learn with or without castanets.



Build your performance repertoire of Spanish Dance choreographies. Learn from our video courses at your own pace and time. (Next choreography to be announced soon)

Be coached by Paloma Gómez in our live online classes. Receive personal corrections to improve your dance.



Learn Anytime, Anywhere!

Our pre-recorded video classes form an organised curriculum.

Access the course at YOUR TIME, anywhere, at your pace and with a FOREVER-ACCESS.

Learn-on-the-go from our website or mobile app.

Flexibility for your lifestyle and commitments.


What's Best for You?

Independent or communal learning - choose what works best for you! DanceLeaders get a group going. DanceLovers, initiate self-practice or work with your teachers. DanceTeachers receive material to supplement your teaching.

Quality Teaching from Spain, with you

Paloma dances with you! Be accompanied by a highly-skilled maestra. Benefit from her extensive experience training students & professionals in Spain, and worldwide. 

And, stay connected to Spain, the source and inspiration of our art! 

Meet Tania

Hola! I'm Tania, Producer to this series of online courses, MAESTROS Danza Española. Life took an unexpected turn when I went to Spain. Fell in love - with this country, its culture, language, and of course, dance! Over the decade, I've had the chance to learn from some inspiring, highly experienced and dedicated teachers.

MAESTROS Danza Española brings Spanish Dance accessibly to you. You can build your dance foundation, repertoire and be trained in a personal way.

Be welcomed to contact me.



(Email: [email protected])

Meet Your Maestra

It gives me great pleasure to invite Paloma to create the curriculum and repertoire of our Spanish Dance courses.

Paloma Gómez guides you from her city, Madrid. You'll tap on her background: former dancer from Spain's Ballet Nacional and choreographer; maestra experienced in many Spanish Dance genres - be it flamenco, Classical Spanish. Her training in ballet also adds perspectives towards building a holistic foundation, for any dancer.

Anytime, anywhere, at YOUR pace

We journey with you!

Sign up for your FREE 7-day mini-course!

""Just got the course today and am learning so much already!!! Highly recommend! Thank you Tania Goh and Paloma Gomez for this!""

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