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 Why? Because it is important that you understand the basics.    

If you already have some experience, check your learning and get the details from a highly experienced maestra from Spain.

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Gain beginners' foundation with this curriculum. Understand the technique and the details of Spanish dance, so you can dance well and express yourself!

In each lesson, you learn the dance first, to build your base, before adding on the castanets. 


Get to know the Spanish Dance character and style, posture and attitude. Gain an insight into typical Spanish Dance steps too!

Suitable for ballet dancers learning character dance and dancers from any discipline.


 Start here if you would just like to learn how to play castanets.

Suitable for musicians, non-dancers, seniors.

With extra exercises, it is also designed to complement our course - Spanish Dance with Castanets (Foundation 1).



Easily connect livetime and receive top notch training from Spain.

Be coached by Paloma Gómez in our live online classes. Small-group classes ensure you get personalised tips and corrections to improve.

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Learn a choreography and build your performance repertoire.

From our live online repertoire classes, we edit class recordings into concise lessons. So that you can focus on the teachings.

Each online term was 12 - 14 weeks. Now you can gain access to them, learning at your own pace and time.  

The repertoires we'll be offering are:  

Danza de la Gitana
La Vida Breve
Ole de la Curra (Escuela Bolera style)  

So stay tuned here!  

 "Spanish Dance is wonderfully diverse. From the classical style with elegant lines, to the balletic, all accompanied by glorious music, you can experience the artistry and heritage of Spain, right here with us.




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Our Foundational Courses have a structured curriculum to give you a strong base.

And for those aiming towards performance, our repertoire courses are the way to go.

With our video courses you get unlimited access once you enrol and you get to learn at your own time.

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Are you keen on teaching and nurturing students?  

If so, our courses provide a structured curriculum for student foundation building, as well as dance repertoires for performance training.

All our courses guide you to understand the technique, style and expression of Spanish Dance, so that you can confidently transmit to your students.

If you think this is something you would like to pursue, you will need to undergo a Teacher Training Course that will also give you the authorization to use our material.

Please express your interest below and we can help you create your path flexibly.


Are you an academy that wants to provide exceptional dance training for your students and expose them to diverse forms?  

Our programmes for dance academies range from introductory workshops for students, to teacher training sessions. This ensures your academy can consistently impart the skills and quality for your students' growth.

To be able to use our materials, academies and teachers need to be authorised.

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Paloma Gómez

Maestra, Choreographer, Dance Artist 

Paloma Gómez guides you from her city, Madrid. A former dancer from Spain's Ballet Nacional, Paloma is also a great choreographer and maestra experienced in ballet and the holistic Spanish Dance genres of flamenco, Classical Spanish, Escuela Bolera and Folk. She teaches in Madrid as well as internationally.

Tania Goh

Producer, Digital Creator, Dancer

Producer of the MAESTROS Danza Española and MAESTROS Flamenco courses, festivals & international tours. I fell in love with Spain, its dance and culture. I've learnt from inspiring, experienced and generous maestros. I'd love to share and make accessible their incredible teachings.