Where the 'Magic' of Dance Comes From

spanish dance meetup Dec 04, 2020

"Dance is not just technique. It's important to communicate what we feel within, to the people watching us. That's where the magic comes from."

In our Spanish Dance Meet-up, Paloma Gómez advises our Maestros Danza Española course members:

"If we are just focusing only on technical things, the magic inside us is blocked and we cannot communicate.

Perhaps a dancer might be dancing absolutely amazingly. Perfect, with no mistakes. Everything perfect. But I cannot feel anything.

I'm watching you, okay, that's fine, but I don't feel anything.

For me, what is most important is when I'm watching you, I'm not only thinking s/he is doing it perfectly. But  s/he is making me feel something special. I want to do the same as what that dancer is doing. I want to share that with him/her.

And so we need to practice that. I usually like to practice in two ways.

One way, is to practise the technique because of course, technique is the tool we need to have to dance.

But the other...

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